A forward-thinking Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing a comprehensive CRM solution for Company Secretaries in Hong Kong. We contributed:
UIUX Design
Application Prototyping
Marketing Research and requirement gathering
Interviewed with Potential Clients
Web Design and Development
Web Hosting
Business Type
Business Software for Company Secretaries

What is UX (User Experience) and why do we need UX?

Before we begin to develop the Dokifly application, we first learn about the business requirements, and we also conduct market research including competitor research, understanding market and regulation trends. Below are the general steps we went through to build for Dokifly project.

User research

At Page Lab, we believe in designing with the user in mind. That's why we begin with user research - a deep dive into understanding your customers' needs, behaviors, and motivations. This ensures that our designs not only look great, but also meet the real needs of your users, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly UX process - Research]

Define problem

Our next step is to clearly define the problem we're addressing. This means pinpointing the exact issues your users are facing, which guides our design process. It ensures that we're not just creating attractive designs, but we're providing solutions that have real impact on your business.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly UX process - Define problem]


Design at Page Lab is about more than aesthetics. It's about solving problems and creating a seamless experience for your users. By focusing on user behavior and feedback, we design products that aren't just functional, but also enjoyable and meaningful, improving user engagement and loyalty.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly UX process - Design]


We believe in visualizing and interacting with our ideas early in the design process. Prototyping allows us to bring our designs to life and enables us to spot any potential issues before they become problems. This saves you time and resources, and ensures a better final product.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly UX process - Prototyping]

Test (before development)

Testing is a key stage in our process at Page Lab. We test our designs before they go into development to ensure they meet user needs and expectations. This reduces risks, cuts down on development costs, and guarantees a product that resonates with your audience from the start.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly UX process - Testing]

Empowering Com-Sec communities, enhancing Company Secretarial Operations through effective UX Research

At Page Lab, we carefully consider the user path - the journey your customers take when interacting with your product. We map out each step from initial contact through the final goal completion, understanding their needs and obstacles along the way. This helps us design intuitive, efficient paths that guide users to their desired outcomes effortlessly. By enhancing the user path, we not only improve the user experience but also drive business growth by optimizing for key actions and conversions. See examples:

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Scan NNC1 form to create company profile]
User Path 1: How to make it easy to add a new company in Dokifly?

Onboarding a New Company

We assume a company has already created via other channel e.g. using CR's e-registration channel. The Company Secretary can then drag and drop the NNC1 form in Dokifly, and then the company data will automatically feed into the platform. A company profile is now created in the system.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly manage companies]
User Path 2: How to manage a company's business profile?

Managing a Company's Business Profile

Managing your business profile has never been easier with Page Lab. Our platform allows you to update company information, monitor business performance, and control access privileges in a few clicks. The design is intuitive, ensuring even the less tech-savvy can manage their profile effortlessly.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Messaging with client]
User Path 3: How to make communication efficiently?

Client Communication within a Centralized tool

Page Lab's centralized communication tool ensures smooth, efficient interaction within your company. It provides a single place for taking requests, signing documents, following up matters, sending important information to clients. It streamlines communication, promoting transparency and enabling faster decision-making.

Web design Hong Kong [graphic/ Dokifly share document to clients]
User Path 4: How can we track shareholders information and company ownership?

Tracing shareholders information and ownership of a company

Sharing documents and information with your team is a breeze with Page Lab. Our platform enables secure, efficient file sharing, ensuring everyone has access to the information they need when they need it. This fosters improved collaboration, accelerates workflows, and enhances overall productivity.

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